Discover the power of one.

A single platform that will transform how you train your sales
organization and execute your commercial strategies.
A single platform that will transform how you train your sales organization and execute your commercial strategies.
Micro-Learning Tool

Training that salespeople
and MSLs will love.

Boost engagement and retention

Provide sales reps with a truly immersive native mobile experience built on proven learning pedagogies.

Validate training completion

Create learning pathways, assign due dates, quiz learners, collect digital signatures, and issue PDF certificates to show that trainees have completed their training.

Organize and centralize content

Easily curate and organize training and marketing content into short micro lessons that teach sales and MSL teams how to effectively and precisely speak to the latest clinical studies and marketing collateral.

Reference Tool

Enable reps to walk into their next
meeting or hall call with confidence

Reference key training and messages in seconds.

ACTO's deep search capability automatically tags and contextualizes search queries so reps can find the most current messaging, training, and collaterals in just seconds.

Turn clinical decision makers and other stakeholders into champions

With content level permissions, reps can easily download, bookmark, and present approved training and marketing content to customers right on their tablets or phones.

Accelerate sales process

With ACTO's multi-channel integrations, reps can easily find approved content, and instantly email or text it to customers using tracked links.

Engagement Tool

Always stay connected with reps and MSLs in the field

Communicate updates and stay aligned

Send important updates on products, positioning, and pricing directly to teams in real-time using video messages and push notifications.

Spread the genius around

Our AI algorithms help determine and replicate successful learning behaviors of top performers across the organization to create a sales lift.

Right message at the right time

Make successful messaging top of mind for salespeople. With our AI-powered calendar integrations, send timely reinforcement notifications to reps in the field minutes before their scheduled calls.

Business Intelligence Tool

Make data-driven decisions and get closer to your customers.

Empower front line managers

Allow front line managers to identify, diagnose, and proactively address any knowledge or competency gaps in real time with video messages and push notifications.

Leverage content engagement analytics

Improve collaterals, optimize budgets, and leverage customer insights by getting visibility into every click and every second reps and customers spend engaging interacting with content.

Measure the business impact of sales training

With ACTO’s CRM integrations and proprietary algorithms, quickly and easily correlate training results to sales and marketing KPIs that matter most.

CMS and Course Authoring Tool

Quickly create, edit and
share engaging content

What you see is what you get

Using our WYSIWYG authoring tool, sales, marketing, and compliance teams can easily create and approve self-paced micro-learning modules, called ActionPacks™.

Media-rich content

ActionPacks™ contain engaging multimedia such as videos with subject matter experts, checklists, image guides, marketing collaterals, feedback questions, live polls, 3D content, interactive SCORM files and much more.

Strategically deploy content

Make real-time edits to training content and instantly push updated training material out to the field. Strategically tailor and deploy content with integrated groups and user hierarchies.

Our advanced integrations help you get most out of your technology investments.