ACTO is an end-to-end, mobile learning solution that empowers life sciences sales reps to sell on value, sales managers to reinforce pull-through, and company leadership to gain visibility into the field.






Your end-to-end field training platform

Increase training pull-through

Improve uptake of training program by sales reps

Facilitate Anytime, anywhere learning

Empower reps to find information using smart search & AI

Enable reps to present and share approved materials

Reinforce key concepts using push & pull notifications

Deliver strategic value to senior leadership

Give leadership deep visibility into their sales force

Create microlearning courses & upload sales resources

Train in minutes. Reference in Seconds.

ACTO uses the principles of microlearning to deliver engaging media-rich content to reps in a mobile-first manner, empowering them to learn anytime, anywhere.

Our platform allows you to push the most up-to-date training and sales collateral to your reps. It functions as a continuous learning resource at their fingertips, helping them to prepare for successful meetings by building product expertise, and understanding sales and objection handling strategies, messaging, and clinical information.

Prepare your reps to be more confident going into physician meetings

Using ACTO’s smart search, reps can search any part of your training in just two clicks. They can readily pull up and reference strategic resources like subject matter expert talk tracks, objection-handling strategies, clinical benefits, and key talking points-- in real time. During the sales call, reps can even present marketing collateral approved by regulatory and legal teams, and share it with customers via email and other integrated sharing apps.

Bridge competency gaps

ACTO allows executive stakeholders to quickly correlate training efforts to top-line revenue.

Using our Learning Score and Business Impact graphs, sales leaders can easily measure the growth in capabilities of their sales organization, and compare it to business KPIs. Our Heatmap™ graphs combine big data with predictive analytics to reveal precisely which reps and teams need help on a macro-level. By running their own reports, trainers and sales managers can track when reps complete training and how often they reference it in the field. They can quickly measure engagement, compare team performance, have targeted coaching conversations, and drive accountability.

Create microlearning courses effortlessly

Our easy-to-use course authoring tool enables commercial, medical, and compliance teams to collaborate seamlessly on one platform to create powerful training courses we call ActionPacks™. It allows sales trainers, product managers, and clinical educators to quickly and easily create and update training and push it out to the field in a matter of hours. Using our video recording feature, subject matter experts can transfer knowledge and insights directly to a rep’s device, speeding up course creation, improving message consistency and bolstering retention.

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