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As the pharmaceutical industry becomes more competitive, it’s increasingly hard for field reps and MSLs to keep up with changes in regulatory mandates, gain access to managed care formularies and maximize shrinking time with physicians and KOLs. It’s more important than ever to increase pull-through in response to opportunities. For many pharmaceutical sales leaders, field coordination and training is a top challenge for increasing pull-through.

Training your sales organizations and ensuring they deliver clear, powerful messages, while staying on-label about the positive patient experience to the highest value prescribers in the market, is the key to driving sales and increasing market share.

ACTO equips pharmaceutical companies to increase pull-through by ensuring that sales, marketing, and training functions cohesively design, train, and deliver the right targeted messages, while giving leadership qualitative insights and quantitative data, that enables them to gain more market share.

On-Label Messaging

To avoid regulatory nightmares, it's imperative that your pharma reps speak on-label when speaking with physicians. The app makes it easy for reps to stay on-label by enabling them to leverage approved marketing collateral and messaging during sales meetings.


You have integrated processes that are aimed at increasing market share and sales for specific products, in response to an opportunity. The app enables you to increase pull-through by training your reps to identify and deliver details on salient product benefits, that will create an impact on the prescribing behaviours of physicians.


Since clinical evidence is your differentiating factor, it’s essential that your reps are able to accurately present approved clinical messaging. With the app’s smart search your reps are always prepared to discuss clinical evidence or product value, whether it's before an important meeting with a physician or going into a case.


ACTO makes compliance training easy for sales, marketing and regulatory teams and goes beyond just information dissemination by enabling your teams to understand not only SOPs but also how to navigate the grey areas of compliance while staying on-label. You can use ACTO to certify reps post compliance training and produce reporting from a centralized repository, resulting in successful audits and accountable employees.

New Hire Training

As you expand your sales teams, sales training and enablement becomes top of mind. ACTO makes it possible for you to onboard your new hires beyond traditional training methods like classroom training or ride-alongs. Ensure that your reps are ramping up faster and are ready to contribute to top-line revenue quicker by facilitating effective home-study and in-the-field training programs anytime, anywhere.

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