Medical Device Industry

As new technologies enter the market, make effective training your competitive edge

In the competitive landscape of the medical device industry setting your company apart from the competition has become even more difficult with new regulatory mandates, shrinking access to customers and increasing product complexity.

For your reps, this means not only having to understand and deliver the most current product information, but also keeping up and complying with the most current regulations. But that’s not all. Since companies are increasingly aiming for globalization, they need to be well-versed in the regulations for every country they’re doing business in as well as understand the selling strategies of their product portfolios as it relates to each unique market. Couple this with the limited time that reps have with physicians, it’s imperative that they can deliver messages with laser precision both in terms of how your product pertains to the customer and how it improves patient outcomes.

ACTO enables medical device companies to sell more product and commercialize faster. We do this by ensuring reps are effectively trained to deliver the right product information, clinical summaries, competitive advantages and marketing messages to customers, while at the same time giving leadership qualitative insights and quantitative data that enables them to increase top-line revenue and gain more market share.


Due to the rapid technological changes in the medical device industry, you are constantly faced with heavy competition across your product lines and within the markets you sell. Your reps can leverage ACTO to deliver the right value and competitive benefits of your new and existing products to surgeons and physicians, and consistently meet and exceed sales quotas.

Message Management

How do you ensure that all your reps, in all the markets you serve, can empower physicians and surgeons to champion your medical technology? Your sales and marketing teams can leverage the app to ensure that all your reps are trained to consistently deliver the relevant value of your products in the same way, across all regions, and all product lines.

Clinical Training

Clinical training needs to reflect the modern and fast-paced environment of the life sciences industry. Using the ACTO App, reps have easy access to the latest clinical information at their fingertips so that they can both understand and speak to clinical value accurately and confidently, allowing them to establish and maintain relationships with leading physicians and establish your company as a leader in medical innovation.

New Hire Training

Typically, onboarding new employees takes months and considerable resources. Home-study, in-class training sessions, and ride-alongs means that it takes new reps a long time to ramp up. Use ACTO App to reduce ramp up time and increase your new employees’ speed-to-productivity by accelerating their training. Reps spend less time in the classroom and start contributing to top-line revenue faster.

Compliance and Certification

ACTO streamlines compliance training for your sales, marketing, and regulatory teams by leveraging certification post compliance training and gathering reports from a centralized repository, resulting in successful audits and accountable employees. Your medical, regulatory, legal, and compliance teams can be confident that the sales and marketing team are remaining current with appropriate regulations and speaking a consistent and approved message.

Maintenance and Support

Your technical support teams need to know how to use and maintain your capital equipment with razor precision so that it’s always up-to-date. ACTO allows you to push essential technical information related to maintenance and support over to your team so that they know exactly what they need to do to keep your products in optimal condition.

Channel Training

Distributor reps juggle competing manufacturers, complex product portfolios, and relationships within their existing network. Their mindshare is at a premium. ACTO provides them with the tools to understand your product’s value and feel comfortable selling it over more established products. At the same time, it provides you with the peace of mind knowing that your distributor sales force is confidently bringing your product up in sales conversations.

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